Small Format Scanning

Small format documents tend to fall into the A4 / A3 size catagery. These documents can be captured via our high speed imaging devices.

Once scanned, they can be output to various file formats for digital storage or processed further for everyday ease of use.

Scanning resolutions up to 600dpi with 300dpi as our standard.

Large Format Scanning

All popular standard sizes are accommodated, A4 through to A0 as well as non-standard sizes: 210 x 210mm up to 914mm wide by several metres long with the limiting factor set by the file format chosen.

Thick originals

Originals that cannot travel through a document feeder due to either their size, their thickness or both can still be reproduced digitally up to 300dpi.

File Formats

TIF and PDF are by far the most popular file formats to scan documents and plans into. Multi-page ability, bit depth range and selectable compression options provide significant versatility over other formats.

We can save to many other formats but there can be limitations depending upon the circumstance. A single bit black and white file, for example, cannot be saved as JPG without first being converted to a greyscale image.

Very Large Scans

You may have a family tree that you've been working on or some other project that has turned into an epic masterpiece and you now need it scanned. The dilema being that now, once scanned, you have a file that your normal programs can't read because it's simply just too big.

We can convert that large file so that, regardless of the size, you can view it in a normal web browser.

This panoramic photo of the Perth skyline is equivalent to a shot taken with a 76 megapixel camera and can be viewed with ease in your browser.

Here the image is viewed in a small window to fit into our web layout, we can however, put your scan onto a CD that can be shown in a 1000 x 1000 pixel viewport - big enough for most screens - and opened in your own prefered browser window.

We have created 12 meter+ long scans that were viewed with ease in a standard browser window. Images that the majority of non specialist image software simply failed to open.


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