Digital Photo Restoration

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Why Scan or Restore your Photos?

Time takes a toll on us all and our photographs are no exception. Often, it's not until much later in our lives we realise how important to us our past has become. People and events that at the time weren't given a second thought or were dismissed as common place can eventually become irreplaceable treasures of the mind.

A photograph that brings forward long forgotten memories of a time and place that can never be revisited again is worth creating a restored version. It may evoke a smile. It may evoke a tear. Either way, giving new life to a photo gives new life to your memories.

With the continued adoption of computers and the like into our everyday meandering, your photos never need to endure their life in a box in the ceiling space ever again. Wallpapers & backgrounds on your computer and mobile devices, screen savers, digital photo frames, music players, GPS units, customisable skins for almost everything, your freshly restored memory can become incorporated into your current life rather than left between the pages of a forgotten about photo album.

Restored Image


Posters are great. Big prints of your favourite pics can look awesome on your wall. For the photos that inspire you the most - don't just leave them on your screen! Free both them and your imagination from the confines that small digital window. Add drama, impact and power... go BIG!

Bell Tower   Rocket Poster

Kings Park

We can print your favourite images onto a range of media to a range of sizes.

Glossy photo, semi gloss satin finishes and canvas media are all available in a range of sizes.

If you don't have the software, we can layout your photos for you in a style you desire.


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